Antiquorum auction in Geneva: Nearly half a million for a Rolex Sea-Dweller!

Yesterday, Sunday, Nov. 11 in Geneva, Antiquorum auction Important Modern & Vintage Timepiece, an anonymous buyer shelled out nearly half a million Swiss francs for a Rolex Sea-Dweller (exactly 490.900 CHF)! At current exchange rates are roughly 407,000 Eur, is the digit in the highest ever paid out for absolute professional Rolex “pensioned off” diver just four years ago – after a long career – from the Oyster Perpetual Date Sea-Dweller DEEPSEA. The news had already begun to circulate on facebook in the late afternoon yesterday, it is a few minutes ago the press Antiquorum official.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Red-Single Record

It was one of the oldest specimens prototype of Ref. 1655 Sea-Dweller “Red-Single” with “single red”. After a thorough search, the global expert and collector of the house crowned Eric Ku, confirmed that – out of a total of six specimens known “Red-Single” – in the auction clock was one of only two prototypes built with the valve helium escape, which mixture is breathed together with oxygen at extreme depths. A rare Red-Singles like this he treated a Japanese magazine specializing in horology in 2005.
Other unique features of this Rolex replica Sea-Dweller Red Single-are written on the dial “500m – 1650 feet” rather than the more common “600m – 2000 feet” and the date in this prototype, as well as being included in a bill dial lot raw, displays a window larger, closer to common Oyster Perpetual Date. This Sea-Dweller time record (no diving) luminescent material seems to have been applied by hand.

As reported in the notes Antiquorum auction catalog at lot 126 of the first Sea-Dweller was available in two configurations: as soon as products that Rolex gave the professional divers did not even have the famous valve that characterizes that more than forty years ago, no one he would have bought to tie it around your wrist to make it a daily check by a blazer. The written “OYSTER GAS ESCAPE VALVE PATENT PENDING” later series had instead the valve with the edge of the hand-engraved caseback.

So we rehearsed the story of a famous “plastic glass”, also very sophisticated and expensive the most common “double red” that – unlike this – also has the words “Sea-Dweller” in red.

But the amazing thing is the amount for which it was sold 490 900 CHF! We hope for the buyer who never jumps off the second piece … When there is a Rolex means there is never wonder!